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Why Legal Recruiters Are Invaluable To Businesses?

Legal recruiters provide invaluable service to both the persons seeking legal jobs as also to the firms desirous of finding the right persons to man their vacant positions. Legal recruiters provide job placements to all seekers of legal jobs from fresh law school grads to attorneys, paralegals and support personnel.

Businesses today are exceedingly competitive and of all assets and strengths that businesses possess, having a talented and competent workforce is by far the most important. Not having the right people, with the requisite expertise and talent can have a devastating effect on the business. The cost of employee incompetence and poor performance is astounding and since you cannot afford to make mistakes in hiring, it is prudent to use the services of legal recruiting firms that are well-known for their legal staffing and attorney recruiting.

A good and efficient legal recruitment firm can bring in the right talent that can kick start a sluggish business, give further momentum to one that is on an upward curve and even revive businesses that are on its last legs. BCG Attorney Search are legal recruiters of repute and standing, providing their clients with matchless and impeccable service. With more than ten years in the hiring business, they have the requisite experience and knowhow to fulfill client expectations. They have set themselves exacting standards which means that they never settle for anything but the best, whether it is finding lawyers for a company or finding a company for the lawyer.

Moreover, when you hire through a legal recruiter you are also saving on expenses that you would have incurred had you tried to do it on your own. You don’t need to list your vacancies, neither do you need to review resumes, shortlist potential hires, interview them and go through the entire gamut of the hiring process. The commission or the fees that you pay the professional is probably less than the money you will save, not to speak of the saving of time and effort.

Moreover, legal recruiters merit the fees that they charge. They act as a bridge between both the job seeker and the job provider, fulfilling both their needs. Furthermore, they scour the market for potential candidates and maintain a database of the most appropriate candidates. They also stay in consistent contact with companies knowing about job opening and vacancies and when the time comes mate talent with opportunity.


Legal Recruiters

Many legal recruiters are former attorneys or have had careers in law. A good legal recruiter brings to the table a deep familiarity of the current market and can advise his or her candidate on making a career choice that will be profitable in the long-term. Many attorneys use legal recruiting firms when they are at the end of their rope: they have often tried, unsuccessfully, to find a new job on their own. They may have tried to directly contact law firms or employers and even gone on interviews. Because most recruiting firms will charge a fee for the successful placement of the job candidate, many attorneys will not use them as a first option. However, if an attorney is lucky enough to find the right one, the expertise that a legal recruiter offers can be enormous for a stalled job search. . One such firm is BCG Attorney Search, a legal recruiting firm based in the United States.

Legal recruiters are often able to help candidates gain traction where they might have failed on their own. They are often able to get the attention of a law firm’s internal HR department through their established relationships with that firm or with individual employees on staff. This can help tremendously when you consider that many of these firms receive hundreds of applications in response to a single opening. Against this context, it is extremely difficult for an attorney to stand out against a sea of other applicants. In these instances, a legal recruiter who has a personal relationship with key people involved in the hiring process can be crucial

In recent years, attorney recruiting has grown very competitive. Many law firms will unashamedly poach high-caliber attorneys from their competitors. It is very difficult for law firms to retain talent. Many lawyers will only practice at a particular firm for a few years before making a lateral move, and it is no longer uncommon for an attorney to be at several firms before settling down. More and more, law firms must offer very comprehensive benefits to entice lawyers to stay. Those who do not are apt to find their attorneys leaving as soon as the next (better) opportunity comes along.

From the employer side, the use of a legal staffing agency or recruiter can be useful. Because they will typically be required to pay a placement fee if the agency’s candidate is hired, most will – if at all possible – opt to hire an attorney they can find without the use of a recruiter.

Legal Recruiters BCG Attorney Search Excel in Attorney Recruiting Performance

As part of Employment Research Institute (ERI), which is one of the world’s largest affiliation of job search companies, BCG Attorney Search is a reputed legal recruiting firm that is well established in the legal staffing and attorney recruiting function in the U.S.A. Dedicated exclusively to helping attorneys and law professionals find legal jobs, the company maintains offices throughout the country.

These offices are staffed by outstanding legal recruiters, who have made “Simply the Best” their mantra. The company hires only the best legal recruiters and has set the bar for their company and their candidates exceptionally high. Its handpicked team of legal recruiters is thus acclaimed to be one of the finest in the country. This is how the company remains exceptionally true to its corporate vision and strives to maintain its high standards of excellence.

The company expects its recruiters to maintain the same level of dedication and focus in their work that the very best attorneys do. This is the vision that BCG Attorney Search tries to achieve in its work and profession. Hence, it demands the very best from its legal recruiters always. BCG Attorney Search thoroughly understands the serious nature of legal recruiting. It knows that in order to stay current on the market, top recruiters must demonstrate the same level of commitment and drive that outstanding attorneys demonstrate while representing their clients.

BCG Attorney Search puts into practice a thorough training period for its recruiters, who are homegrown under the mentorship of the CEO and BCG Attorney Search founder Harrison Barnes. This training period lasts several months. The company’s core belief is that their aggressive commitment exemplifies how legal recruiting should be done and being best at what they do, which sets the company apart from its competitors.

The company also believes that training recruiters takes time, which requires stronger focus and business acumen. With a commitment to excellence that pervades at all levels of the organization, BCG Attorney Search is a flexible company that is growing to meet market demands as it continues to focus on its recruiters and training them to achieve excellence in the field.

BCG Attorney Search: Legal Recruiters that Guarantee a Job If We Accept You

BCG1If you are wondering who would secure you an attorney job in this difficult economy presently, then BCG Attorney Search is the answer. At BCG Attorney Search, we do not claim we are the best, but we say that we are exceptionally good at attorney recruiting.  This is because each of our recruiters typically makes far more placements than recruiters at competing placement firms, even if it takes working with far fewer and select candidates.

We only need to show you a few examples from the recent past. From 2003 to 2007, we averaged over one placement each business day on a national basis.  Again from 2008 to 2010, which was arguably one of the worst legal placement markets in history, several of our recruiters increased their performance from prior years.

Since the year 2000, BCG Attorney Search has been able to place thousands of attorneys and has started and led businesses that are at the top of their field in servicing attorneys. These businesses include companies such as LawCrossing, Legal Authority, Attorney Resume, and others. Simply put, we are amongst the most premier legal recruiters in the United States dedicated to legal staffing and attorney recruiting.

BCG Attorney Search is one of the leaders in the legal profession that helps candidates get their next job. As a candidate, it is advisable to choose someone who believes in achieving high standards for you in your legal career. Choose us as your legal recruiter. Unlike many legal recruiting firms, we are principled in our approach and are a highly reputed legal recruiter in the country. We are headquartered in Pasadena, California, with offices that are located through the United States. Some of our achievements can be highlighted as below:

  • Unlike other placement agencies, most BCG attorney search recruiters have been with the company for several years.
  • BCG Attorney Search has made literally thousands of placements for partners and associates.
  • BCG Attorney also has been involved in several major law firm mergers
  • BCG Attorney Search recruiters regularly speak at major law schools. They also speak at major law schools and to groups such as the National Association of Law Placement (NALP).

With BCG Attorney Search, you are guaranteed to find a job. Unlike other legal recruiting firms, BCG Attorney Search is one of the best recruiters in the business. As a company, we offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Accordingly, we guarantee that we will get you a job if we accept you, else you will be provided with up to $ 5,000 in free Legal Authority services.  We are a part of Employment Research Institute (ERI) as its flagship company, which in turn is one of the world’s largest affiliations of companies that are dedicated to helping professionals to find jobs. Visit http://www.bcgsearch.com for more information.