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Where New Law Graduates Can Go Wrong With Legal Recruiters in Chicago

For any new law graduate, getting a job nowadays, by itself may be something great – because the student loans are always there. However, for most law graduates, getting just any job, or starting to work just anywhere may not be much of an option – given that ultimate success in the profession of law depends as much upon your luck and abilities as upon your social capital. It is understandable that law graduates may not be too keen to advertise a career beginning in pizza delivery, and this is where knowing legal recruiters in Chicago comes in handy for a new law graduate in Chicago.

It is usually taken for granted that top legal recruiters in Chicago are only working for top law firms and big companies – but that’s where you might be wrong. Finding the time of a Chicago legal recruiter might seem tough for a new law graduate, but keep in mind, that it is the job of those in legal staffing agencies in Chicago to find the right candidates for the right jobs, and they need to know about you as much as you need to know about them.

Most top legal headhunters in Chicago would not be people in vacuum or existing without networks. Their success depends upon active networking with peers and professionals, and more often than not, legal recruiters in Chicago can get a good position for you, if not by themselves, then through others in their networks.

However, getting into touch with the right Chicago legal recruiter takes some work. You are in luck if you can find one through your social network, family, or friends. But when working with legal staffing people, always remember that they are more concerned about getting their clients happy, than making you happy.

But that’s a difference between legal staffing agencies and legal recruiters. A legal recruiter has personal accountability, a staffing agency may not be so keen on ethics. This, you have to keep in mind.

So, you need to stand your ground and need to learn to reject offers that might seem too good to be true, as well as offers that clearly stand out as tickets to career catastrophe. You need to research, work by your own self to learn about the offers that are being put up before you by legal headhunters in Chicago. Not all of those offers might be bad, but you can rest assured that they are all much better for the clients of those recruiters than they may be for you.