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Do Legal Recruiters Themselves Have Satisfying Careers?

Legal recruiters are expert headhunters who confine their work to legal staffing and attorney recruiting and usually work solo or in legal recruiting firms. A large number of successful legal recruiters are ex-attorneys or come from a law school background.

Legal recruiters are essential to the legal industry because the profession of law and especially the success of law firms and large in-house legal departments depend upon their attorney recruiting or the talent they are able to recruit. While for law firms, legal recruiters may focus on finding new associates or lateral hires, for companies that are not directly in the legal industry, legal recruiters look for sheer talent that matches the culture and work pattern of the organization.

To do their jobs effectively, legal recruiters work systematically and maintain a high level of networking both among themselves and within the legal industry. It is always easier to approach legal staffing through legal recruiters because attorneys receive legal recruiters readily and usually with greater pleasure than the reserve for competitors.

Legal recruiters are also known to take specialized courses to do attorney recruiting, and such courses include subjects like psychology, psychometric testing, candidate evaluation, et cetera. The best legal recruiters usually have a background in the law profession, and are also highly educated and cultured people who always keep up with current events and can join or initiate conversations on most subjects that a lawyer might be interested in – and that can range from politics to vintage wine.

Legal recruiters usually work for legal recruiting firms or legal staffing agencies, though many of them have own solo establishments.

Most legal recruiters seem to be highly satisfied with their work, as most come from backgrounds in the profession of law, and though their daily work is hard and rigorous, at least it does not have the stress that regular attorneys are exposed to in dealing with tough clients and tougher cases. In fact the regular stress of the life of an attorney is one of the biggest reasons for many to change their careers and begin life as legal recruiters.

Many legal recruiters are held in high esteem by lawyers and counted among their friends. In fact many young attorneys go out of their way to catch the eyes of top legal recruiters. However, good legal recruiters are valued because of their objective judgments in candidate selection, and they do not allow their judgments to be clouded by other considerations than those that are important to their clients.