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About BCG Attorney Search

BCG Attorney Search is a name that has become synonymous with success in placing attorneys in top law firms throughout the country. We are based in Pasadena, California and have offices nationwide. As a recruiting firm, we are very selective in choosing who we work with and that is the reason that we select very few attorneys as our clients every year. Established in January 2000, BCG Attorney Search is part of the Employment Research Institute - which specializes in career services and job aggregator websites. We have built up a network of recruiters who themselves are lawyers and have gone to top law schools and often worked for BigLaw firms before joining our team. We have been successful in placing thousands of attorneys in reputed law firms and in firms practicing in niche legal markets. In 2008 and 2009, when the legal market was at its lowest in recent history, our recruiters were still able to place our clients in well-paid positions. Our list of placements includes partners as well. The reason for this is that BCG Attorney Search has a method of training recruiters in making placements that produces outstanding results for our clients. We expect our recruiters to represent attorneys with the same level of commitment, drive, and insight that outstanding attorneys demonstrate when representing their clients. Our recruiters are trained in-house by our CEO A. Harrison Barnes through an intensive training program created from his own experience as a legal recruiter and input from other top recruiters. Our recruiters also have a team of researchers at their disposal who study and analyze the latest trends in the legal market. We have offices in Century City, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Newport Beach and Washington, D.C. We also publish in-depth market reports and reports on the best law schools in the country. Our report on law schools, The BCG Attorney Search Guide to America's Top 50 Law Schools, is now considered an essential reference source for most American law firms. We also publish state of the market reports for attorneys, the latest of which is State of the Market Report Summer 2011. Our partner companies include LawCrossing, Legal Authority, and Attorney Resume. We are so confident in the quality of our services at BCG Attorney Search, that we guarantee our clients that we can get them a job, and failing to do that we will give them free Legal Authority services worth $5,000.

Why Government Attorney Jobs Are First Choice Jobs For Grads?


The reason why Government attorney jobs and Government lawyer jobs are so coveted can be categorized in two segments: The quality of the jobs and the rewards they bring. Government employment means that you will be entrusted with challenging work practically from the first day itself, making the work extremely challenging and providing a chance to evolve and learn very early in your career. Moreover, federal employment provides a chance to serve the citizens of the country, especially those, who find it hard to afford private lawyers and attorneys. Add to this Government law jobs are amongst the highest paying jobs in the country and the employed can, apart from the excellent remuneration, get generous benefits, flexible working hours that allow you to balance work and home life much better than if you were working for a private corporate company or a law firm. Benefits include health insurance, retirement packages and vacations. Flexible work schedules means working from home; saving you time in commuting and federal holidays which coupled with other generous holidays and sick leaves ensures that you get loads of time and opportunity to spend with friends and family. And, finally one of the biggest reasons why federal employment is so coveted is that it has the element of security. Even in the worst of economic times, when privately employed lawyers fear the pink slip, federal employees are relatively safe. Government law jobs are available across the country and there is a strong likelihood of finding a job in the location of your choice.  Only 16 percent of all federal law employment is specific to the Capital, the remaining 84 percent are scattered across the country. Chances of being posted abroad are also very high and a large number of federal law employees work outside the country. Government attorney jobs form a union of convenience between your area of expertise, your interest and your talents. So if mathematics interests you, you can look for a job as a legal accountant or for a job in aeronautical industry.  If environment is your concern than opt for the environment department and similarly if you want to ensure that the poor and needy section of the society get appropriate medical treatment, than Healthcare is the place for you. Times are changing and every day brings something new. The reason why legal jobs are so hard to get these days is because of the advance of modern technology. It pays to stay abreast of latest developments and federal employment provides ample opportunities for professional development and continuing education to enhance existing skills. The BCG Attorney Search website is a great resource for searching for and finding federal employment. Apart from telling you where the jobs are the site will also enlighten you about the right way of applying for the jobs and the mistakes that you may make and how you can avoid them.


Why Legal Recruiters Are Invaluable To Businesses?

Legal recruiters provide invaluable service to both the persons seeking legal jobs as also to the firms desirous of finding the right persons to man their vacant positions. Legal recruiters provide job placements to all seekers of legal jobs from fresh law school grads to attorneys, paralegals and support personnel.

Businesses today are exceedingly competitive and of all assets and strengths that businesses possess, having a talented and competent workforce is by far the most important. Not having the right people, with the requisite expertise and talent can have a devastating effect on the business. The cost of employee incompetence and poor performance is astounding and since you cannot afford to make mistakes in hiring, it is prudent to use the services of legal recruiting firms that are well-known for their legal staffing and attorney recruiting.

A good and efficient legal recruitment firm can bring in the right talent that can kick start a sluggish business, give further momentum to one that is on an upward curve and even revive businesses that are on its last legs. BCG Attorney Search are legal recruiters of repute and standing, providing their clients with matchless and impeccable service. With more than ten years in the hiring business, they have the requisite experience and knowhow to fulfill client expectations. They have set themselves exacting standards which means that they never settle for anything but the best, whether it is finding lawyers for a company or finding a company for the lawyer.

Moreover, when you hire through a legal recruiter you are also saving on expenses that you would have incurred had you tried to do it on your own. You don’t need to list your vacancies, neither do you need to review resumes, shortlist potential hires, interview them and go through the entire gamut of the hiring process. The commission or the fees that you pay the professional is probably less than the money you will save, not to speak of the saving of time and effort.

Moreover, legal recruiters merit the fees that they charge. They act as a bridge between both the job seeker and the job provider, fulfilling both their needs. Furthermore, they scour the market for potential candidates and maintain a database of the most appropriate candidates. They also stay in consistent contact with companies knowing about job opening and vacancies and when the time comes mate talent with opportunity.

Using Legal Recruiters in the New York Market

The New York legal market is on a different plane than other markets. New York is home to some of the biggest, most prestigious law firms in the world, and landing a job at one of these firms can be difficult. For attorneys looking to practice in the state, and especially for attorneys looking to practice in New York City, legal recruiters can provide a valuable entry-point into some of the top law firms. At the same time, not all recruiters are created equal, and it is important to partner with one who will truly take your career to the next level. Here are some things to look for when searching for a legal recruiter:

1. Find a legal recruiter who isn’t just trying to land a commission.

It is easy to get cynical and assume that recruiters are just willing to make a placement, no matter how well the person fits in with a particular law firm, so that they can get a hefty commission. While this is true for some, the best legal headhunters realize that it is always in their best interest to make their end-clients happy (both on the employer side and on the attorney side). Attorneys who are well-placed at the right firm will obviously be more likely to think of using the legal recruiter the next time they anticipate making a move. In a market like New York, it is common for New York legal recruiters to generate repeat business from career-minded attorneys. Legal recruiters in New York will often be able to provide insight into not only where the openings are, but what it is truly like to work at a particular firm. Oftentimes, dissatisfied attorneys are desperate to leave their present jobs and are not focused on the long-term. Legal recruiters can help provide clarity for candidates to ensure that their next move is the right one.

2. Find a legal recruiter who knows the New York market, in and out.

Finding a recruiter who knows the New York market intimately is extremely important. The New York market is unique to other markets, and a good recruiter will know these intricacies and be able to use them to better market you to employers. Legal recruiters who have practiced as attorneys often bring in unique perspectives as people who have actually been in the profession and can now, with the objectiveness of a third-party, give counsel. Many legal recruiters in New York are battle-worn, former attorneys; some have practiced at firms in the city, and understand the work culture and expectations on a very personal level. Having a recruiter who has been in the trenches, so to speak, will improve your chances of successfully lateraling to a New York firm.

Legal Recruiters

Many legal recruiters are former attorneys or have had careers in law. A good legal recruiter brings to the table a deep familiarity of the current market and can advise his or her candidate on making a career choice that will be profitable in the long-term. Many attorneys use legal recruiting firms when they are at the end of their rope: they have often tried, unsuccessfully, to find a new job on their own. They may have tried to directly contact law firms or employers and even gone on interviews. Because most recruiting firms will charge a fee for the successful placement of the job candidate, many attorneys will not use them as a first option. However, if an attorney is lucky enough to find the right one, the expertise that a legal recruiter offers can be enormous for a stalled job search. . One such firm is BCG Attorney Search, a legal recruiting firm based in the United States.

Legal recruiters are often able to help candidates gain traction where they might have failed on their own. They are often able to get the attention of a law firm’s internal HR department through their established relationships with that firm or with individual employees on staff. This can help tremendously when you consider that many of these firms receive hundreds of applications in response to a single opening. Against this context, it is extremely difficult for an attorney to stand out against a sea of other applicants. In these instances, a legal recruiter who has a personal relationship with key people involved in the hiring process can be crucial

In recent years, attorney recruiting has grown very competitive. Many law firms will unashamedly poach high-caliber attorneys from their competitors. It is very difficult for law firms to retain talent. Many lawyers will only practice at a particular firm for a few years before making a lateral move, and it is no longer uncommon for an attorney to be at several firms before settling down. More and more, law firms must offer very comprehensive benefits to entice lawyers to stay. Those who do not are apt to find their attorneys leaving as soon as the next (better) opportunity comes along.

From the employer side, the use of a legal staffing agency or recruiter can be useful. Because they will typically be required to pay a placement fee if the agency’s candidate is hired, most will – if at all possible – opt to hire an attorney they can find without the use of a recruiter.

Where New Law Graduates Can Go Wrong With Legal Recruiters in Chicago

For any new law graduate, getting a job nowadays, by itself may be something great – because the student loans are always there. However, for most law graduates, getting just any job, or starting to work just anywhere may not be much of an option – given that ultimate success in the profession of law depends as much upon your luck and abilities as upon your social capital. It is understandable that law graduates may not be too keen to advertise a career beginning in pizza delivery, and this is where knowing legal recruiters in Chicago comes in handy for a new law graduate in Chicago.

It is usually taken for granted that top legal recruiters in Chicago are only working for top law firms and big companies – but that’s where you might be wrong. Finding the time of a Chicago legal recruiter might seem tough for a new law graduate, but keep in mind, that it is the job of those in legal staffing agencies in Chicago to find the right candidates for the right jobs, and they need to know about you as much as you need to know about them.

Most top legal headhunters in Chicago would not be people in vacuum or existing without networks. Their success depends upon active networking with peers and professionals, and more often than not, legal recruiters in Chicago can get a good position for you, if not by themselves, then through others in their networks.

However, getting into touch with the right Chicago legal recruiter takes some work. You are in luck if you can find one through your social network, family, or friends. But when working with legal staffing people, always remember that they are more concerned about getting their clients happy, than making you happy.

But that’s a difference between legal staffing agencies and legal recruiters. A legal recruiter has personal accountability, a staffing agency may not be so keen on ethics. This, you have to keep in mind.

So, you need to stand your ground and need to learn to reject offers that might seem too good to be true, as well as offers that clearly stand out as tickets to career catastrophe. You need to research, work by your own self to learn about the offers that are being put up before you by legal headhunters in Chicago. Not all of those offers might be bad, but you can rest assured that they are all much better for the clients of those recruiters than they may be for you.

Where You Can Go Wrong With Legal Recruiters in Los Angeles

If you are looking for jobs in the legal profession or related industries in Los Angeles, most probably you are in the lookout for good legal recruiters in Los Angeles, thinking they might solve your problem. You wouldn’t really be far off from the truth, for people in legal staffing agencies in Los Angeles can help you as can any Los Angeles legal recruiter. However, where most new law graduates go wrong when dealing with recruiters is that they forget the recruiter is more concerned with serving his or her client than about serving you.

As with life and the world, legal recruiters in Los Angeles also come in all sizes and shapes, as well as with different levels of integrity and ethics. While most professional recruiters are highly ethical and try to maintain their professional integrity at all times, there are many who are not so keen on things. For them, hustling a candidate into a job anyhow, as long as it benefits his or her client is the sole objective. They are concerned about their own careers, not about yours, truly.

This is a truth that takes a little bit of time to get used to, because most professional recruiters are sophisticated people with high levels of social interaction skills and ability to convince others. They always exude warmth and friendliness and a level of personalized empathy where it is easy to start believing that they are genuinely concerned only with you and your good. No, they are concerned about their own work, and that work is done only when they can find the best candidate for their client – a candidate who can provide the best cost-benefit in a position.

This is what you need to be aware of. Don’t jump at any opportunity for a job offered to you, but take your time to research the background of the job and about the company or law firm – don’t take the word of legal recruiters in Los Angeles at face value. It’s your career, your destiny, you know you have to make trade-offs, and even if you walk into a job bordering on your ‘unacceptable’ list of jobs, be sure what you are doing is out of your own accord and not because someone convinced you about it.

So, when looking for legal recruiters, your safest bet is to go with companies or firms, which are known and have an established standing in the market, than with those who seem unethical. Also, remember another thing, never, ever offer a kickback to any legal recruiter, and if any wants money from you it’s time for you to seek another, fast.

Is it Worth Hiring Legal Recruiters in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a vast city and one of the most multicultural cities in USA. People are always moving into the city or leaving, and there is a constant stream of new people that can make things confusing. In the legal profession, wrong decisions can have severe implications and whether it’s hiring or getting hired, legal recruiters in Los Angeles can be your best friends.

It is definitely worth hiring a Los Angeles legal recruiter, because professional recruiters seek to do your work with an unbiased attitude that you, yourself, may not possess. When it comes to the decision of hiring a lawyer to strengthen your business, to build your in-house legal team, or to hire an associate for your law firm, references do matter, but what matters more is a candidate assessment by a professional recruiter.

Legal recruiters in Los Angeles can make your hiring easy by spotting the kind of candidate who would suit your short-term or long-term objectives and would give the best return for your money. Professional recruiters usually keep tabs on prospective candidates and they can readily come up with the talent you require, thus decreasing cost by ensuring and quickening productivity.

Legal staffing in Los Angeles can be a tricky job and when you are catering to a multilingual consumer community, you yourself have to possess multilingual skills, or at least your staff need to. In most cases, legal recruiters in Los Angeles can help you, because most of them are not only multilingual, but they also possess sufficient cultural orientation to work with people across cultures and successfully interview them for your job.

Also, many times, it is difficult to do a proper background check of candidates, and here the professional integrity of a recruiter and his or her word can count a lot. Local recruiters are aware of both bad candidates and good ones, and little is hidden from them regarding, at least, any bad report about a candidate.

Taking into count the speed with which professional recruiters can find candidates and convince them, yes good candidates do need to be convinced to join you – it’s not all about pay packages, legal recruiters in Los Angeles are definitely worth the money. Sometimes, in fact in many cases, a legal professional would trust a known legal recruiter more than a new employer, trusting the professional judgment of the recruiter, as much as you may be depending on the recruiter yourself.