Legal Recruiters BCG Attorney Search Excel in Attorney Recruiting Performance

As part of Employment Research Institute (ERI), which is one of the world’s largest affiliation of job search companies, BCG Attorney Search is a reputed legal recruiting firm that is well established in the legal staffing and attorney recruiting function in the U.S.A. Dedicated exclusively to helping attorneys and law professionals find legal jobs, the company maintains offices throughout the country.

These offices are staffed by outstanding legal recruiters, who have made “Simply the Best” their mantra. The company hires only the best legal recruiters and has set the bar for their company and their candidates exceptionally high. Its handpicked team of legal recruiters is thus acclaimed to be one of the finest in the country. This is how the company remains exceptionally true to its corporate vision and strives to maintain its high standards of excellence.

The company expects its recruiters to maintain the same level of dedication and focus in their work that the very best attorneys do. This is the vision that BCG Attorney Search tries to achieve in its work and profession. Hence, it demands the very best from its legal recruiters always. BCG Attorney Search thoroughly understands the serious nature of legal recruiting. It knows that in order to stay current on the market, top recruiters must demonstrate the same level of commitment and drive that outstanding attorneys demonstrate while representing their clients.

BCG Attorney Search puts into practice a thorough training period for its recruiters, who are homegrown under the mentorship of the CEO and BCG Attorney Search founder Harrison Barnes. This training period lasts several months. The company’s core belief is that their aggressive commitment exemplifies how legal recruiting should be done and being best at what they do, which sets the company apart from its competitors.

The company also believes that training recruiters takes time, which requires stronger focus and business acumen. With a commitment to excellence that pervades at all levels of the organization, BCG Attorney Search is a flexible company that is growing to meet market demands as it continues to focus on its recruiters and training them to achieve excellence in the field.


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